cake and eat it


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current projects:

\\ opera operaismo

// femme strike



\\ our lady of the flowers: an experimental opera tribute to jean genet

// ariel attack in court

// make total destroy

// memorial for a thousand lorcas

\\ a curse and a blessing

\\ mtd fashion march

\\ black box

\\ of absence and whispers

\\ aural collaborations

\\ sundress bloodbath

// tit ocean

\\ ad campaign for bash back 2010

// art and anarchism: a salon

\\ blue jean baby

// erotic wrestling

// untitled (fb#9)

// untitled (fb#8)

\\ untitled (fb#7)

// untitled (fb#6)

\\ untitled (fb#5)

\\ louis vuitton night

about: We create installations, happenings, performances and visual works that deal with the underbelly of gift economy, fashion, anarchism and queer identities.


"In the world of gift, you not only can have your cake and eat it too, you can't have your cake unless you eat it." Lewis Hyde